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Before you decide to go the meteobridge way you might be interesting to understand a bit more what to expect from meteobridge right now, what is planned for coming releases and what meteobridge will not be able to do for you.

Implemented Features

  • Meteobridge device is completely managed by your PC's browser, you don't have to install any additional software on your PC.
  • Meteobridge connects to your LAN by use of an ethernet cable or to your WLAN.
  • WLAN can be 802.11n, g or b.
  • All main WLAN encryption standards are supported (WEP, WPA, WPA2)
  • When your LAN/WLAN is behind a proxy, Meteobridge can be configured to use the proxy instead of trying to directly connect to the Internet
  • Your weather data will be directly send to Weather Underground
  • Meteobridge can be used for free during a 14 day tryout period. After that a one-time licensing of the device is necessary to use it further on. Licensing can be done via Paypal with a few clicks oder by a license key to be entered manually.
  • Meteobirdge supports a broad range of weather stations. Please see Chapter "Stations" to get more details on this
  • Meteobridge web interface is secured by a password you can change.
  • Meteobridge can be resetted to default network behaviour and default passwords with the unit's reset button. So you should never be stalled, whatever you did wrong when configuring the network parameters or changing passwords.
  • There is an Internet application that allows you to make a network configuration for your meteobridge device without having that running yet. Configuration can be downloaded to USB stick and when starting the Meteobridge with this stick plugged in, it will use this configuration for startup. This is a significant simplification, especially when setting up meteobridge as a WLAN device.

Planned Features

Please keep in mind that features markes as planned in this section, are guaranteed to show up. Nevertheless it might be interesting for you to at least get an idea, what next steps in development might be.

  • Support for additional weather networks
  • Upload of data to user defined URLs via HTTP request and/or FTP
  • providing live weather data in the LAN, to allow widgets on PCs in LAN to make use of these

Blacklisted Features

The characteristic of the device does also bring some limitations you should be aware of.

  • Hardware provides 4 MB of flash and 32 MB RAM. This is very very limited, so don't expect large additional applications which might for example display graphs locally to be able to run on this.
  • Meteobridge clients will not store gathered weather data locally. The most recent data to be transmitted to Weather Wnderground is there and may be also some min/max values, but beside that no data will be stored locally
  • You might already have expected it, but just to make sure... Meteobridge will not be able to change your weather :-)