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Meteobridge can handle a broad range of weather stations from consumer entry level up to prosumer/professional stations from Davis Instruments, PeetBros or Rainwise.

supported weather stations
Weather station Description
Davis Vantage Pro2, Pro1 (except firmware A) Vantage Pro including wind, rain, pressure, UV, solar radiation, indoor temperature, outdoor temperature sensors. In order to connect Vantage with Meteobridge it needs one of the Davis data loggers (serial or USB). If a serial logger is used, it needs to be set to 19.200 baud and a RS232-USB converter based on Prolific pl2303 or FTDI chipset is necessary. Storage capacity of Davis logger is not used at all.
Davis Vantage Vue Vantage Vue including wind, rain, pressure, indoor temperature, outdoor temperature sensors, but without UV or solar sensors. In order to connect Vue with Meteobridge it needs one of the Davis data loggers (serial or USB). If a serial logger is used, it needs to be set to 19.200 baud and a RS232-USB converter based on Prolific pl2303 or FTDI chipset is necessary. Storage capacity of Davis logger is not used at all.
smartbedded Meteostick for RF reception of Davis and Fine Offset sensor arrays Meteostick reads RF signals from Davis Vue and Vantage Pro 2 sensors (US and EU models) directly and makes data accessible without need of a Davis Console/Envoy and Logger. Indoor humidity is not provided, indoor temp is not reported accurately, because the sensor in the USB stick sized device heats up a bit during operation. When used with Meteobridge FW 1.4 or newer, no USB hub is needed. Use of a USB cradle is recommended to bring some distance between the RF noise emitting Meteobridge and the Meteostick. Since Meteostick firmware 2.0 also data from outdoor sensor array (WH24) of Fine Offset HP-100x (aka Ambientweather Observer WS-100x) can be received (US and EU models). You find more details about Meteostick here.
Oregon WMR968 (US), WMR928 (EU) This model has a RS232 connector that needs a RS232-USB converter (based on FTDI or Prolific pl2303 chipset). Station does not provide UV or solar sensors.
Oregon WMR200 This model has a USB connector that can be connected to the Meteobridge client (with a USB 2.0 hub inbetween). Internal Datalogger of WMR200 will not be used by Meteobridge. WMR200 has problems in reporting actual sensor readings, when data logger is completely filled. It is recommended to set the data logging interval to the maximum (longest duration). This takes care that the data logger will not reach its capacity for months. However, you should take care to empty the data logger's buffer from time to time manually at the WMR200 base station. Beside the standard sensors it can also support UV sensors.
Oregon WMR100, WMR88 This model has a USB connector that can be connected to the Meteobridge client (with a USB 2.0 hub inbetween). An optional UV sensor is supported as well.
Oregon WMRS200 * This station is like a WMR100 with sensors from WMR200 but without any display. WMRS200 is connected to Meteobidge USB port (as WMR200) and is also powered by the USB connector.
Meade TE923, TE827, TE821, DV928 These weather stations are connected via USB and are sold with various brand names (Mebus, Irox, Honeywell, Nexus). Meteobridge supports recent hardware versions which provide live weather data on the USB port. Internal data logger functionality of TE923 is not used by Meteobridge. Station is connected via USB (with a USB 2.0 hub inbetween).
Ambient Weather WS1090, WS2080 These weather stations manufactured by Fine Offset Electronics (WH-1080, WH-2080, WH-3080) are also branded as Watson W-8681, WX-2008, National Geographic 265 NE, Elecsa 6975/ 6976, etc. Meteobridge makes use of live data, internal data logger functionality is not used. Stations can be connected via USB. UV sensors is used if present.
Peet Bros Ultimeter 100, 800, 2100 Ultimeter weather stations from Peet Bros are supported. Wind, rain, pressure, indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity are used. Station needs to be set to "data logging", "packet" or "complete record (preferred) mode with 2400 baud transfer rate. Station needs a RS232-USB converter based on Prolific pl2303 or FTDI chipset.
RainWise MkIII MkIII weather station from RainWise is supported including wind, rain, pressure, outdoor temperature and humidity. Meteobridge needs Rainwise Computer Interface MKIIICC and a RS232-USB converter (based on pl2303 or FTDI).
Lufft WS600/601 WS600 weather station from Lufft is supported, when attached as USB serial device by a specific UMB component. Stations needs to be configured on channel 1. Data provided is wind speed, wind direction, temperature, humidity, rain rate, rain total, solar radiation, uv index. Precipitation type is not evaluated by Meteobridge.
Acurite 1025/1035/1525 USB enabled weather stations from Acurite are supported including wind, rain, pressure, outdoor and indoor temperature and humidity. Meteobridge directly connects to the USB interface of the Acurite console. Important: Acurite console has to be switched to USB mode 3. Warning: Inside humidity is not reported correctly.
Acurite Internet-Bridge Internet-Bridge from Acurite, which sends weather data to Acurite's proprietary Internet network, can be connected to Meteobridge with a direct Ethernet cable in between. This needs Meteobridge operating in WLAN mode (otherwise the LAN connector will not be available). In this mode of operation Acurite Internet-Bridge will be connected to your router by Meteobridge's WLAN connection. Acurite Internet-Bridge will continue to operate in the Internet as usual. Meteobridge sniffs sensor data from the passed-through TCP traffic and uses that data as if the sensors were directly connected to Meteobridge. That way Meteobridge gives Acurite Internet-Bridge owners a broad array of new options to deal with their weather data. Supported sensors are Acurite 5in1 outdoor sensor and additional temperature/humidity sensors. Pressure readings need a station specific calibration, which can easily be done by Meteobridge's web interface. Indoor humidity data is not available.
LaCrosse WS2300 WS2300 weather station is supported. Warning: WS2300 can deliver sporadic false weather data readings caused by interface problems. WS2300 needs a RS232-USB converter witch pl2303 or FTDI chipset.
LaCrosse / ELV WS300PC/444/500 and various clones (WS550/777/888, WDC7000) WS300 weather station and clones are supported and connected via USB.

Remark: All stations connected via USB will need a small cheap USB 2.0 hub to be connected to Meteobridge, when TP-Link platform (MR3020, MR3040, WR703N) or D-Link (DIR-505) is used. Reason is a limitation in Atheros chipset in these platforms. Any passive USB 2.0 router for a few Euros/Dollars should do. When ASUS WL-330N3G is used as platform, no USB hub is needed.

Not supported stations are LaCrosse 3600, 2800, 2500, 2000 and Oregon WMR300.