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Meteobridge software is shareware you can download for free as described in Getting Started section. You can test it 14 days for free in a try-out mode, which does show full functionality. If you decide to use it beyond that 14 days you will need to purchase a license. This can be done via integrated PayPal functions of the try-out version. After having done a successful PayPal checkout your Meteobridge system gets activated automatically.

One-time price for license that permits ongoing use when purchased via PayPal is 59 Euro.

Meteobridge Hardware

TP-LINK router TL-MR3020 are world-wide available at computer stores. So you can buy one of these from your preferred HW store. Beside tons of other options, Amazon and EBAY will have offers for sure. TL-WR307N is only sold in China, but there are EBAY sellers that do ship this item around the world. As to my knowledge TL-WR703N has not gone through FCC, CE and RoHS certification using that units in Europe and US might not be compliant with local regulations. We can't give you advise on if that might be a problem, but we want to make you aware of this issue. ASUS WL-330N3G is also an alternative and easy to get in Europe, while not so well populated in the US.

Once you have a TL-MR3020, TL-WR703N or WL-330N3G simply follow instructions on Getting Started page and you will be able to make a Meteobridge unit out of it with a few sinple steps.

Meteobridge as Ready-to-Go Solution

If you don't have time or interest in installing Meteobridge software onto one of the mentioned platforms yourself, you can by a ready-to-go Meteobridge device, including warranty etc from:

  • AmbientWeather located in the US does sell Meteobridge as "WeatherBridge", which is based on TL-MR3020 ready-to-go plus a USB-hub for overcoming USB limitations and a USB stick that allows for easy readout of IP address and a full license for ongoing use. Please visit their online shop to checkout options and prices.
  • AWEKAS located in Europe does sell Meteobridge as "AWEKAS Bridge", which is based on WL-330N3G ready-to-go and a fully licensed. Please visit their online shop to checkout options and prices.
  • meteo.cc located in Switzerland does sell Meteobridge as "weatherBoxx easy", which is based on TL-MR3020 ready-to-go and a fully licensed. Please visit their online shop to checkout options and prices.
  • weerhuisje.nl located in the Netherlands does sell Meteobridge as fully licensed ready-to-go solution based on TL-MR3020. Please vivit their online shop to check out options and prices.