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<languages /><translate> One of the features that sets Meteobridge PRO apart from the the regular Meteobridges is the ability to store 8 GB of sensor data on local USB storage. This is the basis for lots of additional features to come. Before looking too much into the future let's see what the PRO can offer right now.

Meteobridge PRO stores data in intervals of one minute and automatically aggregates every minutes update to hourly, daily, monthly and yearly levels. By that Meteobridge PRO can provide information on different time resolution levels in no time. Meteobridge PRO takes care tht data of different time resolution levels are always in perfect synsc. Data for non-cumulative units is stored as average, minimum and maximum for each of the time resolutions. Cumulative units (like rain totals) just provide summed-up data. Beside min and max values also time stanps of min and max events are stored.

Foundation for making use of stored data is that there are management functions available that allow to easily inspect, edit and cleanup data. Picture below shows Meteobridge PRO "History" tab that is the data management console of Meteobridge PRO.