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(Release Log)
(Release Log)
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in preparation:
in preparation:
* additional system vriables as described in section [[Templates#System Variables]]
* additional system variables as described in section [[Templates#System Variables]]

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Meteobridge is a device that is easy to use and which should not raise a demand for extensive support. However, there is a forum, where you can share experiences, questions, wishes with other users.

Please make use of this in favor to emails, as a wider public can participate of your insights and problem resultion recipes.

Forum is part of Meteohub Forum: Meteobridge Forum

Release Log

To get the latest relaease running on your rig, just do a rebot or power-cycle.

Version 1.0:

  • inital release

Version 1.1, released 5th March 2013:

  • more variables for templates (full documentation at http://www.meteobridge.com/wiki/index.php/Templates)
  • balloon help on live data tab does show sequence of values for live data and time of min/max events for historical data.
  • added weather network http://www.previmeteo.com
  • length of paylod text fields for push services have been enlarged to 4000 characters
  • some bugs around swapped min/max historical values are fixed

minor updates, added on 9th March 2013:

in preparation: